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Emotional World Vintage

Tangled Tank Top

Tangled Tank Top

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EMOTIONAL WORLD TANGLED TANK TOP is inspired by Yoko Ono's interactive performance art 'Cut Piece' from the 1960s. The irregularly woven threads embody Yoko Ono's sense of helplessness and fear at the time, and act as a visual metaphor of the invisible shackles that still exist in people's minds today. Using clothing as a medium of expression, EMOTIONAL WORLD connects the culture of the past with today’s youth and social phenomena. While paying tribute to the enduring culture, EMOTIONAL WORLD brings the imagination of freedom to the people in the new century.

Features: Fitted; Rounded neckline; Irregular tangly knitting

Size:  FREE(Length:61cm;Shoulder Width:25.5cm;Chest:66cm;Waist:62cm)

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