2023 AW


EMOTIONAL WORLD teams up with renowned contemporary artist and collector Zhao Zhao to launch its first collaboration collection. Based on Zhao Zhao's "A Long Day" series, the EMOTIONAL WORLD x ZHAOZHAO 2023 A/W RTW collection reshapes the elements and core of ZHAO ZHAO’s works, presenting a unique perspective, conveying social significance beyond clothing itself, and interpreting the spirit of EMOTIONAL WORLD.

 Zhao Zhao’s "A Long Day" series is a creative masterpiece about time and history, signifying a grand collective narrative in minimalistic graphics and portraying the passage of time and traces of history through the two elements of "trajectories of the sun and moon and contours of changing light and shadow". EMOTIONAL WORLD’s Founder and Design Director Log extracted these abstract elements and restored it through garment process. Projecting the lightness of colors and its gradient relationship in Zhao Zhao's painting, endowing design of different categories with the same spirit. The brand's signature fabric natural plantation dyeing methods and silhouette are incorporated into the design to reflect the multifaceted expression of art.


 EMOTIONAL WORLD officially launches the "BE LIKE CHERRY" FW 2023 RTW collection, in which brand founder and design director Log once again draws on music culture and explores a new way of presenting women's beauty through the reconstruction of history and contemporary time. It expresses a social meaning beyond the clothing itself through the interpretation of the free spirit in music, keeping promoting the continuity and influence of pop culture.

In the 1970s, the first all-girl punk band, The Runaways, emerged in the United States. Their song "Cherry Bomb" added a tough yet tender power and a strong and bright color to the rock world. The straightforward and bold lyrics and the performance full of girl power made "Cherry Bomb" a representative of the free spirit.