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Emotional World Vintage

Narrow Blazer With Denim Stitch

Narrow Blazer With Denim Stitch

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EMOTIONAL WORLD NARROW BLAZER WITH DENIM STITCH is a combination of old denim with traces of time combined with manual destruction technique and splicing with traditional suit fabrics to convey the sustainability, preciousness and unique charm of denim fabrics themselves.

The old denim with age traces is combined with the manual destruction process, which is joined together with the traditional suit fabric to convey the sustainability, treasure and unique charm of the denim fabric itself. Avant-garde deconstructed shape echoes with silhouette tailoring, resonating with the brand concept at the same frequency, showing a harmonious sense of conflict. The hollow design of the waist draws a neat posture, combined with the brand's iconic design language, to create a unique visual label of EMOTIONAL WORLD.


0(Length:75cm;Shoulder Width:48cm;Chest:98cm;Waist:80cm;Sleeve:61.5cm;Hem Size:106cm)

1(Length:80cm;Shoulder Width:50cm;Chest:104cm;Waist:84cm;Sleeve:62.5cm;Hem Size:108cm)




-Unique deconstruction

-Hand-broken jeans

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