2023 SS



EMOTIONAL WORLD spring / summer 2023 ready- to-wear collection “IMAGINE FREEDOM”is officially launched. for the first time, Log, the brand's founder and design director, is bringing his thoughts on cultural and social phenomena to the public. 'IMAGINE FREEDOM' collection has given a voice to the people who stuck in difficult mental situations and interpreted the influence of culture in different times with a unique perspective. emotional world captures the time period between 60s and 70s when music and freewill were blooming. during this era, social constraints stimulated people's desire for equality, freedom, and women's self-liberation.the theme of this collection, 'IMAGINE FREEDOM', is inspired by yoko ono's slogan 'IMAGINE PEACE'. unlike the artists of the last century awaiting for peace from wars, this collection focuses on the exploration of 'FREEDOM' in modern society.

EMOTIONAL WORLD connects the culture of the past with today’s youth and social phenomena. while paying tribute to the enduring culture, emotional world brings the imagination of freedom to the people in the new century.