Tassel Patch Work Fashion Jewelry For Nails

Tassel Patch Work Fashion Jewelry For Nails

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EMOTIONAL WORLD and Make Me, a Japanese style nail salon, jointly launched Tassel Patch Work Fashion Jewelry for Nails which are also known as handmade extension nails. These are two brands in different industries both aiming to carry forward craftsmanship, strive for excellence and present culture. Techniques of Make Me focus on enhancing nail shape via applying gel on nails to create a perfect curve. It also takes more than 8 hours to make each piece of work. Moreover, they are integrated with the elements of Emotional World's iconic fringe fabric to present the beauty of fabric texture, which subverts the inherent "flat" impression of nail art.

SIZE 0/1/2/3

0(THUMB: 14mm; INDEX: 10mm; MIDDLE: 11mm; RING: 10mm; LITTLE: 7mm)

1(THUMB: 15mm; INDEX: 11mm; MIDDLE: 12mm; RING: 11mm; LITTLE: 8mm)

2(THUMB: 16mm; INDEX: 12mm; MIDDLE: 13mm; RING: 12mm; LITTLE: 9mm)

3(THUMB: 17mm; INDEX: 13mm; MIDDLE: 14mm; RING: 13mm; LITTLE: 10mm)


-Akzentz shine-on Top Gloss

-Japanese colorful glue

-EMOTIONA LWORLD handmade linen tassels


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