A LONG DAY A-line Skirt

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EMOTIONAL WORLD X ZHAOZHAO "A LONG DAY" COLLECTION is inspired by the way soldiers used helmets to record time during the Korean War which reflects the fact that in a relatively closed world. Brand founder/design director Log started from inner definition of freedom to convey different levels of emotional expression through strokes to restore the effect of time passing. EMOTIONAL WORLD takes OLD&NEW as its core concept, blending diverse cultures from a modern perspective, and recreating a brand new visual experience.

Features: Calf-length skater skirt with buckle; Everpleat stitching design; Hand painted printing; Square-cut bottom; Japanese vintage YKK metal buttons/Hand-sewn horn buttons; Japanese vintage YKK zipper


 0(LENGTH: 74.5cm; WAIST: 64cm; HIPLINE: 89cm)

1(LENGTH: 76 cm; WAIST: 67cm; HIPLINE: 92cm)

2(LENGTH: 77.5cm; WAIST: 70cm; HIPLINE: 95cm)

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