Spiral Cut Washed Jeans

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EMOTIONAL WORLD SPIRAL CUT WASHED JEANS comes from the collection of brand founder/design director Log - the 1944 edition of the LEVIS 501 jeans during the World War II era. This edition features a special curved side seam that runs through the entire body, preserving both historical significance and traces of time.

Features: Straight loose fit; Handmade aged denim; Distinctive spiral fringe; Japanese vintage YKK metal buttons & zipper


  0(LENGTH: 107.5cm; WAIST: 64cm; HIPLINE: 90cm)

1(LENGTH: 108.5cm; WAIST: 67cm; HIPLINE: 93cm)

2(LENGTH: 109.5cm; WAIST: 70cm; HIPLINE: 96cm)